1x90’ / Original title: LE METIS DE DIEU


This powerful fictional film is based on the true-life story of Jean-Marie Lustiger (1926-2007), who, born of Polish Jews, converted very early to Catholic priesthood and was appointed Archbishop of Paris.

There, he openly celebrated his dual identity as a « Catholic Jew, » bringing him friends and enemies from both religions. Lustiger’s split allegiance is tested to the core when an event obliged him to choose his side: in 1985, a Carmelites’ convent settles down in the cursed walls of Auschwitz, starting the most serious tear between Jews and Christians since the Second World War

Where will Lustiger stand?


Production company: SCARLETT Production
French broadcaster: ARTE France
International sales: UPSIDE DISTRIBUTION
Producer: Joey FARÉ
Associate producer: Ilan DURAN COHEN
Starring: Laurent LUCAS, Aurélien RECOING, Audrey DANA, Pascal GREGGORY, Gregoire LEPRINCE-RINGUET and Henri GUYBET
Created by: Chantal DE RUDDER
Adaptation and dialogues: Chantal DE RUDDER and Ilan DURAN COHEN


Boston Jewish Film Festival 2013: Audience Award For best feature Boston
Seoul International Drama Festival 2013: Golden Bird Prize- Best TV
53th Monte Carlo Television Festival 2013: SIGNIS award
Festival de Luchon 2013: Grand Prix

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