The invincibles.

16x52' / Original title: Les invincibles



Mano, Carlos, Pierre-Antoine, Steve, the foursome who make up « Les Invincibles », are twenty-nine years old ‘urban’ males who see their next birthdays fast approaching. They are plagued by a sense of remorse: they didn’t get their fair share of good times. For the last couple of years, they have found steady jobs, and built long term relationships with their middle aged ‘thirty somethings’.

But, maybe it is not too late….there may still be time for some fun ahead, if they can just give themselves to live a little, enjoy some irresponsibility, immaturity and romantic freedom.

“Les Invincibles” is about what happens when four friends take a vacation from their lives, before it’s too late.


Production Company : MAKINGPROD
French Broadcaster : ARTE, NRJ12
International Sales : 100% Distribution
Producer: Stéphane DROUET, Matthieu VIALA
Starring: Benjamin BELLECOUR, Cédric BEN ABDALLAH, Jonathan COHEN, Jean Michel PORTAL, Marie Eve PERRON, François DUNOYER, Clémentine CELARIE, Lou DOILLON, Jackie BERROYER, Marie-Christine ADAM, François ROLLIN, Brigitte BEMOL, Eve-Chems DE BROUWER, Delphine ROLLIN, Morgane HAINAUX, Mélanie MARTINEZ LLENSE, Eric WAGNER
Directors: Alexandre CASTAGNETTI et Pierric GANTELMI D’ILLE
Created by: Based on the original Canadian series created by François Létourneau and Jean François Rivard


Nomination for the Press Award : Best French series – Festival de Télévision de Monte-Carlo 2010

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