Scarlett Production is a French television production company specializing in fiction. Producers Joëy Faré and Florence Dormoy started the company in 1999.

The TV dramas produced by Scarlett Production have often been extremely successful and appreciated for their audacity. These TV films and series have won numerous awards and prizes, both in France and in the international arena. Scarlett Production was awarded the PROCIREP award for Best French Television Producer twice, in 2005 and 2011.

Scarlett Production has produced several TV series, notably “CLARA SHELLER”, “COEUR OCÉAN” and “KABOUL KITCHEN”. The TV show “PRESQUE PARFAITE”, based on the Israeli program Haverot, will soon air on TF1. The company also produced the Christophe Honoré movie “LA BELLE PERSONNE”, distributed in movie theaters, and feature films “LES ANONYMES” by Pierre Schoeller and also “LE MÉTIS DE DIEU” by Ilan Duran Cohen — both highly acclaimed in festivals.

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